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Appliance Guide - BORA

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Have you seen the recent TV advert from our partners BORA showcasing their ever popular cooktop extractors? We continue to be amazed by their developing technology and stylish designs which is why we include BORA products in many of our kitchen designs.

Our designers and clients love BORA cooking systems and here's why...

Introducing BORA Professional 3.0

Below is just some of the highlighted features

  • Intuitive control knb - a combination of a classic knob and touch screen control

  • Automatic cover flap

  • Premium design afn high quality materials

  • Minimum volume - even at high power levels

  • Simple cleaning - parts are easy to remove and put in the dishwasher

  • Oversized cooking surface - 2 large pots can be placed one behind the other

  • Modular system - choose from surface induction, gas cooktops and/or Tepan stainless steel grills.

BORA describe their product as:

"The ultimate solution for your kitchen: excellent performance, optimum premium design, even more intuitive operation and eight extra deep cooktops that can be mixed and matched. The new BORA Professional 3.0 is the future as far as cooking is concerned. Groundbreaking design language combines with the highest standards in materials, technology and efficiency. An accomplishment that you can taste."


BORA Classic 2.0

The Classic 2.0 benefits from a lot of the same features as the 3.0 but also includes

  • Tactile vertical slider

  • Automatic extractor control - the extractor will adjust based on the current cooking behaviour

  • Precise temperature control - the Tepan stainless steel grill is accurately maintained based on your setting and can heat to 250 degrees C in under 5 minutes!

It's no surprise that this hob is the winner of so many awards including the 2020 German Design Award.

Have a watch of the video below to understand how it all works:

BORA describes the 2.0 as follows...

"The central controls are revolutionary – and no cooking area is lost. Used in a modular system for the first time, not only are all eyes drawn to it. The system is operated by simply moving your finger up or down. All important functions can be intuitively accessed at the push of a button. In a nutshell: highly aesthetic, extremely quiet cooking with 4 pots measuring up to 24 cm at the same time – with the largest possible choice of cooktops. Maximum flexibility for the individual kitchen."



The BORA X Pure model is all about bringing style to your kitchen.

Popular features include:

  • Variable heat retention function - choose from 3 heat retention levels to keep your food warm without the risk of burning it.

  • Maximum storage space - hide those pots and pans in the cupboard below

  • Minimalistic design - the perfect lines blend in with any modern kitchen. When the appliance is on standby, the operating panel becomes virtually invisible.

We are massive fans of the design!


Last but certainly not least, we are looking at BORA Pure.


Described as a 'trademark of your kitchen'.

"A compact system like never before: minimalist, flush design, highly elegant, extremely quiet and intuitive. The newly developed, central sControl control panel guarantees use of the full depth of the cooktop. Operated by simply sliding your finger up or down, the controls are more unique and instinctive than ever before. Give it a whirl. Your kitchen’s trademark."

This system comes in six trendy colours to create a new look every time you cook!


If would like to know more about BORA cooking systems and how we can incorporate them into your kitchen design, get in touch.

Call us: 01223 811111

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