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Appliance Guide - NEFF

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

We're proud to be a retail partner of NEFF appliances and include their innovative products in our kitchen designs.

Their product features are designed to meet every one of your demands leaving you free to get creative in the kitchen.

Discover their product ranges below...

Ovens and Compact Ovens:

"If you’re passionate about cooking, then your oven will be an integral; part of daily life. Our single and double ovens come with a range of features allowing you to get creative in the kitchen. Our unique Slide&Hide® disappearing door is also available on a wide range of our single ovens."

Not sure which oven is the perfect one for you?

Discover your ideal oven with their interactive product guide.

Do you remember the Slide&Hide® ovens from The Great British Bake Off? This feature is unique to NEFF and no other brand can offer this.



Are you a lover of steak? Fancy taking cooking your steak to the next level?

"NEFF FlameSelect® gas hobs offer 9 unique heat levels, ensuring that you always have reliability, responsiveness and the ultimate cooking control in your kitchen."

Choose from their large range of hobs which includes:

  • Ceramic hobs

  • Gas hobs

  • Induction hobs

  • Domino hobs

  • Vented hobs

All of their products benefit from unique smart features including their Gas hobs featured below ↘


Cooker Hoods:

Wall installation, integrated furniture installation, worktop installation or ceiling installation?

Once again, with NEFF, you have many options to choose from when choosing your cooker hood.

Wall Installation

"Our wall installation hoods are powerful, yet designed to work quietly and economically, leaving your kitchen air clean and pleasant."


Integrated Furniture Installation

This is a great option if you prefer the cleaner look.


Worktop Installation

The perfect solution if you have limited space.

Watch it in action 📷


Ceiling Hoods

Innovation at its finest.

These hoods save up to 80% energy compared to a conventional extractor fan.

As well as having a standard remote, their ceiling hoods allow you to control ventilation from your hob or using a voice assistant.


Home Connect

"Always close – even if you’re away."

Control your appliances from the tap of a button. Preheat the oven with the app and receive a notification when it has hit temperature. Effortless cooking!

You can also control household appliances with the app, Using your phone or tablet, you can prepare you a coffee from the comfort of your bedroom, perfect for a lazy weekend morning.

Watch this handy guide to see just how clever and convenient the Home Connect feature is.


At Eadonstone Bespoke Design, we are able to offer the full range of NEFF appliances to suit your kitchen design and lifestyle.

Get in touch to see how we can help transform your kitchen.

Call us: 01223 811111

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