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How do we work?

When you are ready to get started either, give us a call on 01223 811111 or fill in the contact form with your details. We’ll make an appointment for you to come in for an initial chat to talk you through the process.

We will discuss your wish-list for the kitchen and get an idea of what style and lay-out you’d like to achieve. Don’t worry if you have no definite ideas at this stage though, we can help with that!

What we need from you...


If you have architect’s plans as part of an extension project or new build then we can work from those. If you have a PDF version then please just add it to the email when you get in touch. Elevations are really useful too so we can work out ceiling and window heights.

If you are renovating an existing kitchen and you don't have architect's plans then we are happy to come and do a survey of your space.

We don't charge for this.

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If you fancy trying you hand at drawing plan, we'd love to see it!

Here’s one we made doesn’t have to be neat!

  • Draw the outline of the room (it doesn’t need to be to scale).

  • Include the position of any doors, windows, chimney breasts or other objects such as, boilers/stop-cock.

  • Measure the overall length of each wall.

  • Measure the distance from the side wall to any door/window/object, the width of the object and the distance from the object to the wall on the other side. (As a double check, try adding up all these dimensions to see if they add up to the overall measurement).

  • We will also need the ceiling height, the height from the floor to the windows sill and the window height.


Is there anything you’ve always dreamed of having in your new kitchen? A wine cooler, pantry cupboard, double sink, boiling water tap or built-in steam oven?

Whatever it is, appliances, furniture style, worktops type, sink size etc, just let us know and we’ll incorporate it into your design. Even if it’s just a particular colour or colour combo you like, any pointers you can give us are really useful.

Inspiration Images

Any images that might help us see what style you like; Pinterest boards, Instagram pics, images from magazines or brochures, whatever gives us a sense of your style. Don't worry if you haven't got that far yet,  we'll help with this.

Maybe take a look at our social media pages for inspiration? 


Photos of the room

A couple of photos of the room will really help us to visualise the space as it is now and get a sense of how you use it, but also allows you to share the things that you really dislike so we can make sure we improve those for you!

Design & Quote

We don't charge for the initial design & quote service and there is no obligation to place an order.

So why not contact us to book an appointment...?

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