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  • Victoria Ball

Christmas Wreath Workshop

The Eadonstone Kitchens team are so excited to welcome The Flower Project Cambridge to our workshop for an afternoon of wreathmaking on 4th December 2021.

To book tickets, click here. The event will be led by Clare Cook, founder of The Flower Project, an eco-florist, based on Mill Road, Cambridge. Like Eadonstone, The Flower Project is an independent local business in Cambridge, driven by a desire for quality products - whether they be flowers or kitchens!

Yes, you could go into any old high street store and buy a pre-made, maybe even artificial, wreath this Christmas, but how much more rewarding will it feel to say that you have made a bespoke, one-of-a-kind, top quality wreath with your own hands? As those of you who know Eadonstone will know, we love one-off, unique kitchens because they reflect your personality and can be suited to your tastes and lifestyles. Likewise, making a Christmas wreath that is so personal to you and your family is such a lovely way to welcome passers-by this Christmas and Advent season.

Once your wreath has lured friends, neighbours and families into your home, why not get them salivating by the smell of some Christmas recipes floating out of your kitchen? Join us for our next blog post where we share one of our favourite Christmas recipes, guaranteed to make your kitchen not just the focal point of your home but of your whole neighbourhood!

by Victoria Ball

Eadonstone Kitchens Managing Director

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