Give your kitchen the Edge

Wed 20 Apr 2016

Give your kitchen the Edge

Pencil is a small curve and is the most traditional edge giving the worktop a soft finish, losing any harsh lines. The pencil edge is a soft line and simplistic edge choice that opens up the kitchen to create the illusion of a much larger space.

Bevelled is a square edge cut along the top of the worktop. The straight lines add a touch of elegance to the kitchen. This edge is recommended for a modern design. 

A little edgy …

Shark Nose edge for the ultra-modern slick look. This minimalistic edge is a reclining slope on the underside of the worktop and gives it a thin look of 4mm. This edge works best when combined with a handleless kitchen.

Bullnose is an edge rounded to a semi-circular shape so that there is one continuous smooth edge with no sharp angles. This look is tradition giving a softer feel than a square option. Works best with a shaker style door.

Dupont edge is a square top with a rounded finish. This is an intricate detailed edge and gives a sophisticated look to both a modern and traditional kitchen and looks fabulous in natrual stone. 

Dupont Scallop edge is a combination profile and is a striking look for the wow factor. This profile works best on a show piece island where the detail can be admired. 

Pop into the showroom to see all our edge profiles in situ.